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Rumblefish (1990–1997)

 BMX bike called the Rumblefish. These frames were built for Richard Kerr By Grove Innovations. Grove was the company Bill Grove started when he stopped working for Hutch. Bill designed many Mountain bike frames, forks, cranks, and other parts. I am sure this was the only BMX frame Grove made, only a handful were produced between 1992-94. Grove Hot Rod cranks are really the cranks that should be used ith one of these. If you haven't seen them google them, they were what Bill wanted the next generation of Hutch Aerospeed to be.

Bill was responsible for designing all Hutch's components except frames, forks, and had founded Titron Components before being hired/bought out by Hutch. Grove also designed many other innovative non-bicycle products, he is truly a gifted engineer/designer!! It was featured in BMXplus in July 1991.  The frame configuration is very similar to the jad, but the down tube is oval, it has hydraulic brakes, takes a slotted seat post and has an eccentric bottom bracket(you don't adjust the chain at the dropouts).  It's a very rare bike, only about two dozen were produced to my knowledge.

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