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1983 RRS Racing

1983 RRS Racing

Totally Killer RRS 20" equipped with some of my favorite parts

I absolutely love this bike.  I saw the frame set here on the Museum, right about the time I first joined the site.  It had already changed hands by the time I committed to trying to buy it.  Luckily it showed back up on eBay, and now it's mine.  Not 100% certain on the year, but I've been led to believe from a couple of sources it's from 1983.  This one came with gussets at the head tube, and a 2 piece eccentric BB.  I haven't seen any other RRS frames with the gussets, but truth is, I haven't seen all that many 20" RRS frames at all.  The 2 piece eccentric BB is pretty cool, as it allows you to run a one piece crank.  Most don't care for the one piece cranks, but I love the simplicity, and strength.  The parts are a mish-mosh of parts I picked up from friends, and members of the Museum.  It took a while to find what I wanted, and even longer to finally put it together.  But here it is, finally done.


  • 20” RRS Frame
  • RRS Forks
  • Cook Slant Stem
  • Powerlite 1st Gen Pro Bars
  • NOS Tange Fluted Chromo Seat Post
  • NOS Dia Compe 2 Piece Seat Clamp
  • Takagi One Piece Cr-Mo Cranks in Black
  • Phil 110 BCD Spider
  • Phil Hubs
  • Pete’s Chainring
  • Hadley BB mounted to 2 piece RRS Eccentric BB Shell
  • Cinelli Unicanitor Seat
  • NOS KKT Magnesium Pedals
  • Ukai 7c Rims 
  • NOS IRC Knobby Tires fat/skinny combo
  • Dia Compe Tech 3 Lever
  • NOS Dia Compe 960 Cantilever Brakes
  • White Industries Freewheel
  • Tange 320 Headeset w/Tange Headlock
  • NOS Oakley 1 Grips
  • Race
  • Company: RRS Racing
  • Wheel Size: 20"
  • Headtube size: 1"