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1981 RRS Racing 24

1981 RRS Racing 24

First 24" BMX Racing Cruiser

This is one of those bike that I've always wanted. Riverside Schwinn was my "go to" shop when I need or "wanted" something that was a bit more exotic than my down the street shop had. Riverside shop was only a couple more miles away, but when you're a kid a couple miles is a long way. A lot of the guys I went to school with were on Team RRS and they always had the coolest bikes. I was always very envious! Even though I was riding a Gary Turner at the time. :) Anyway, so as luck and $ would have it, I came across this f/f with the OG eccentric BB and cantis. I was stoked to say the least! This is a great handling bike with lots of innovations that were way ahead of their time. I dig it!

Submitted by blikum

  • Race
  • Company: RRS Racing
  • Model: 24
  • Wheel Size: 24"
  • Headtube size: 1"