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1976 R&R CR-1

1976 R&R CR-1

My R & R CR-1 with rare gusset. Love this solid bike.

Here's my R & R CR-1 race bike from '76.
Recently took 1st place at 2012 Philly BBQ for pre-80 race. (Thanks guys, I appreciate it)
This was a fun build. Very solid race bike. Clean, simple and fast looking, as it was back in the day!
Has the rare frame gusset. Haven't seen one like this before.

Parts breakdown:

--R & R Frame
--70s Double clamp stem
--70s box bars. a little wider than traditional box bars, '70s.
--Tange headset
--Ashtabula Forks
--Rat trap pedals
--Ashtabula cranks
--Sugino spider, chainring and bolts
--Steel hub Tuf Wheel mags
--Cheng Shin Knobby tires
--Schwinn seat clamp
--Oury grips
--Troxel seat and seat guts
--Dice valve caps

thanks and enjoy! Tim

Submitted by tim1218

  • Race
  • Company: R&R
  • Model: CR-1
  • Wheel Size: 20"
  • Headtube size: 1"

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