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1978 R&R Centurion

1978 R&R Centurion

I put this R&R together to duplicate my old R&R bitd. I put an extra long seatpost  to avoid crack below the seatclamp. I remember going to a muffler shop just to get my old r&r weld below the seatclamp. I end up selling my old R&R which I really regret but I'm happy I found this one.

70s box handlebar

70s SR doubleclamp neck
70s SR three-piece crank
messenger seat
Morris mags
redline nondrilled fork
KKT rattrap pedals

Diacompe double seatclamp

new centurion decal .

Submitted by pinoyrider

  • Race
  • Company: R&R
  • Model: Centurion
  • Wheel Size: 20"
  • Headtube size: 1"