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1976 R&R CR-1

1976 R&R CR-1

My one and only carpet queen…

well i never thought i would find dad bought me a 76 CR-1, my first real BMX bike.  i broke the frame a few years later and it hung in my mom's garage until she moved and GAVE IT AWAY at a garage sale!! never saw another one until i joined the forums last year. got this frame from another member. it was painted beige and had a repair sometime in it's past to the chainstay (they did a good job). the guys at my local chrome shop did a great polish and triple plate. let me say this now though... this will be the ONLY frame i ever have rechromed. it's just too darned perfect and i'm afraid to touch it. i prefer survivor bikes but there aren't many of these around so she gets to be my one carpet queen

hope to make some nice repro decals to make her complete as well as NOS cranks and seat.
i want to thank the following members that helped me out with this build:
z-man99, vettefan, baron340, BMXdaddy, thumperpilot, stewball, shinburger and fullcircle.

and a big shout out to sandy finkelman, who's contributions to OS taught me more than i ever thought i'd know about R&R, Diamondback and just being an enthusiatic BMX fan and collector. sorry i never had the pleasure of meeting you sandy...

  • All-Around
  • Company: R&R
  • Model: CR-1
  • Wheel Size: 20"
  • Headtube size: 1"
  • Details R&R CR-1 frame, NOS ashtabula reinforced forks, ashtabula stem, black box bars, oury grips, NOS araya front rim laced to sunshine high flange hub, ashtabula 6.5"cranks, NOS KKT rat trap pedals, NOS shurman rear rim lace to bendix red band coaster, cheng shin MX tires, 3 arrows chainwheel