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1998 Royce Union Slash FS

1998 Royce Union Slash FS

Got this on a decent deal off of Craigslist. -SOLD-

I got this 1998 (I think at least? Correct me if I'm wrong, I'm just judging by the serial number) Royce Union Slash FS off of a lady from Craigslist. She said it belonged to her son when he was much younger and was into BMX, and she was just trying to clean out the garage. It was all original from what I could tell when I got it, but the chrome was pretty oxidized and had some surface rust. But, after a good steel-wool scrub, I've gotten it to look pretty nice! I could still put in more work to make it look better, but I'm not super invested into this bike. I took off most of the original parts and replaced them with mostly Mongoose parts, some Gary Fisher, etc. that I wasn't using for anything else. The first pic is the most recent pic of the bike, and the last pic is how it looked when I got it. Thanks for checking it out!



Submitted by scottrides