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1996 Royce Union T-18

1996 Royce Union T-18

Rollin Royce T-18 -SOLD

$100.00 project bike. Rusted and dirty ebay special. I added NOS Cheng tires, Slic cables and Fit grips - All original except RL cro-mo seat post. Since it came out good, I might add white/black tricktop seat and finds some purple ano 916's. The goal was to spend $100.00 max on this bike. Bike w/shipping and parts came to about $104.00 total. I spent more money on the tires then I did on the original bike!. I have about 20 hours of restore + plus setup time. Oxy bath, micro fibers and honda motorcyle polish. I still have to clean the rims and work on some sticker residue.   Rides longbow style ... large and heavy - absolute garbage for flatland, but moves down the road - nice forks.  Serial: 0961005852

Submitted by M1.30-06

  • Non-BMX
  • Company: Royce Union
  • Model: T-18
  • Wheel Size: 20"
  • Headtube size: 1"
  • Details Hi-ten steel