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1979 Roger DeCoster

1979 Roger DeCoster

Roger DeCoster

My next builds. A blue 1979 Roger DeCoster Frame with Tange forks and a 1980 Decoster with 7/8" Decoster forks. 

nickel frame with DeCoster forks pictured also


Tuf neck, fluted layback, shimano 600's. I'm not crazy about the seat! I think it needs a blue shotgun style seat? 

Forks will be swapped out for something higher end, grips will likely be switched to black to match tires. Bars look good but are newer. In search of the perfect bars for this build still. Sumo wheels, Comp III skin walls in 1.75 front and rear (I like em skinny) Helix Tuf Neck, Polished Shimano Tourney rear brakes, chome izumo chain, Shimano 600 cranks with awesome anno blue quick remove bolt/dust covers and Shimano 44t chain wheel. It looks fast sitting still!!!

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