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1978 Roger Decoster

1978 Roger Decoster

It's nickle and pretty much as I found it, just polished up and I added a seat and a Tange 1200b fork.

I found this pretty much as it sits. I changed out the fork from a garbage one to a Tange 1200b. Put an Elina padded seat on. I made it as my pit bike for a vintage motocross track I work at and the racers wound up giving it a best in show award over motorcycles that guys spent 50 grand on. I wasn't expecting that one. When they awarded me it I thought I was in trouble during the riders meeting for being loud. I dropped my tent and was like "what?/ what?? Sorry, sorry. And they were like, go get your bike, you won. I looked at em and said"....................I whhat???" Everyone started rolling. so I guess you could call it award winning, ha ha ha ha ha, whatever!!! :P

Submitted by MrOlive

  • Race
  • Company: Roger DeCoster
  • Model: Standard
  • Wheel Size: 20"
  • Headtube size: 1"
  • Details Bike rides like a dream!!

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