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1978 Roger DeCoster

1978 Roger DeCoster

Roger Decoster in original yellow paint and Decoster forks (undrilled). Thanks Ken! ;)

Here's my current baby and I was going to be swapping out parts from the other '78 nickle Decoster (non-original one) to build this one.

But I'm not going to have to as I have all the parts needed.

So I'm in the process of going to install the following parts:

Frame: Roger Decoster, original yellow frame

Forks: Decoster team forks

Stickers: Re-pops from BMXproducts

Cranks: Ashtubala style cranks, dated '79

Sprocket: 3 arrows stamped

BB Hardware: Schwinn stamped

Pedals: Rat trap style

Headset: Schwinn stamped

Goose neck: Ashtubala style

Handle bars: Schwinn square box type

Grips: Original Schwinn

Seat post: generic, unstamped

Seat clamp: plain, with "S" stamped bolt head

Seat: Messenger

Wheels: Schwinn stamped lester mags w/coaster brake '76 Bendix

Tires: Chin shin 20 x 2.25 knobbies

PADS: Crafted by Tommy D

Submitted by johnng23604

  • Race
  • Company: Roger DeCoster
  • Wheel Size: 20"
  • Headtube size: 1"
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