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1979 Roger DeCoster

1979 Roger DeCoster

1979 Coaster brake racer

         The downtown version of my full tilt DeCoster

Nickel coaster tab frame with Team/DeCoster 7/8" (no brake hole) forks. 1979 Tuff II's, Ashtabula cranks, Mongoose Gold stem, Box bars, Oakley grips, Schwinn 40 tooth Mag sprocket and headset. (and a dirt skirt for fun) Rattrap pedals, fluted seat post, Tuf Neck seat post clamp, Tuf Neck axle bolts and Kashimax shotgun seat not to mention vintage number plate.

  Many original decals are on the bike that will stay. (check out the prism Tuff Wheel sticker) The plan is to get a head tube decal and age it to look as if it's been there 30 years!

  This will be the bike I let my nephews thrash when they wanna ride one of my bikes. It will also be the bike I take camping for cruising the campgrounds with my family.


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