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1993 Robinson Cruiser 24

1993 Robinson Cruiser 24

Goat and kid first bike build.

This is our first bike build.  We decided to make it a mix of old school (for me) and new school (for my son).  Thanks to everyone on, PlanetBMX, Porkchop and eBay sellers who had the parts we were looking for. And thanks to the reference section on bmxmuseum for teaching us how to remove anodization and powder-coating.

I had an old Robinson when I was a kid that we pulled from a scrap heap and made semi ride-able.  Never really knew what I had back then, as it was just for getting around the neighborhood.  When my son wanted to try BMX racing back in 2015, my wife brought home a used race bike she got from a co-worker.  Turned out to be a nice-looking Robinson Rebel and she paid $25 for it.  The Rebel was a great bike for my son to get started with and got us looking at parts, old bikes, and eventually decided to try our hand at building our own.  Its been quite a learning experience with this build, since we started without knowing anything about bikes.

In 2016, my son got me into riding with him, which has been great.  Not many kids activities have given us the same opportunity to do what BMX racing does.  Sure, I can coach a baseball team, but its not quite the same as being able to ride on the track 'with' him.  For any dad who is watching your kids racing on the track and thinking 'Looks like fun.  I kinda wish I could do that.'  Yes.  Yes you can.  I am 47 years old, and lets just say that...I am not the 'optimal weight' my doctor would like me to be..., I am having a great time racing.  For me, its not about winning (I am too slow for that).  Its about having fun with my son, being able to enjoy the same things, exercise, and friendships with the other dads at the track.  And, of course, building our new bike.

Our next race is on Sunday and I can't wait to try it out.

Here are the parts to the Robinson we built:

Robinson cromo frame and fork, Robinson cromo cruiser bars, Red anodized Beartrap 2 headset, De-anodized and polished aluminum Robinson stem (converted with a modified stem adapter), Robinson stem cap (McGyvered to stay on the stem), De-anodized and polished Robinson FSA cranks, Un-powder-coated and polished Robinson 44t sprocket, FSA bottom bracket, Robinson cromo seat post, MCS BMX expert railed seat, Red anodized VG seat post adapter, Red anodized MX hinged seat post clamp, Box BMX hex lock grips, Red anodized old-school MX brakes, Red anodized Dia-Compe MX2 lever, Red brake cable, Red Box X Ray brake pads, Red anodized Sun Rynolite wheels w/ machined sidewalls, Arisun XLR8 1.75" tires, Box Phase 1 chrome-red mini number plate, Red anodized Haro Fusion pedals, Origin8 HORNET 108 16t freewheel, KMC 710 shiny red chain, Black Ops red anodized chain tensioners, Misc. red hardware