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1997 Robinson Rebel

1997 Robinson Rebel

Saved from a scrap pile.

My Robi is 95% complete. I was going to wait untill I got it finished before posting it here... but it will have to wait for a few weeks due to a furnace repair. So. Here it is so far. I always wanted to use a set of Shimano 600 cranks on a BMX. A few more details and it will be all done. I won't want to ride it.

Built mostly from spare parts I had. There was a NOS pair of Tange TX 1200 forks that I put on it just to ride it during mock-up. They felt right on it... so they stayed with the build. Alex double wall chrome aluminum rims on Alex sealed hubs. I tried to keep the rest of the parts for this within the GT fold. Kinda HTF Dyno bars that just look right along with a beefy Dyno neck. Vintage GT layback post. A few new goodies had to be installed. A Chop Saw 40T chainring. Dia Compe brake lever and Flexie Noodle. ProMax V-Brakes. Eastern grips and Stolen bar ends. Tons of thought and execution of detail went into this (for instance ProMax doesn't make red brakes). I can't wait to get the right chain and pedals. Then I can get a weight. I know I could go with lighter bars and stem... but I just dig the way this looks. Continued with the Logo theme and went patriotic. This was in no way a restoration. RestoMod at best. I had no desire to make a stock Rebel. I wanted one that kicks ass. SOLD! OMG. Wasn't even for sale. Dude saw it, had to have it... and made an unrefusable offer on it.

Submitted by Abaris

  • Race
  • Company: Robinson
  • Model: Rebel
  • Wheel Size: 20"
  • Headtube size: 1"

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