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1993 Robinson Amtrac

1993 Robinson Amtrac

Saw an add on Offerup for a Robinson bmx $80. Asked if It was available and what was the lowest he would take.... $40. That $40 got me a ‘93 Robinson Amtrac f/f, 1992 Profile chainwheel and cranks,

Have no history on the bike.  Just going to have to make my own.  Guy had it set up like a street bike.  All older parts just wrong discipline.  Chrome is not the best so I’ve just started buying rider quality parts to finish it off as a patina Amtrac for now.  I will build it to show quality in the future because I feel it deserves it.  I am a vert/ flatland guy but this bike has given me a huge appreciation for BMX racing and it’s heritage.  Stay tuned for part rebuilding as it comes up.  I’m slowly sourcing parts as I can find them in decent era correct condition.

  I’ve so far sourced OG ‘90 Gt Pro Series race lace gen 1 hubs on OG Sun Levanter USA made 36 hole race hoops, new Repop Tioga comp 3 tires, Odyssey PitBull brake ‘93, TnT stem ‘93, GT FSA headset ‘93, Early 92’ Dyno/GT Pro bars, OG ‘92 Dyno grips, Flight pads repop bought used from another member, OG Elf bar pad, Dia Comp Tech 77 lever dated ‘92, OG Dia Comp cable guide, ‘91 Selle Turbo, NOS Robinson Pro seat post, OG Profile seat post clamp sans decal.  I picked up some ano chain tensioners on Flea bay that are Sinz but midschool. 

 Bike came with Profile Gen 3 cranks, Profile chainwheel, Gt platform pedals.  Hope you enjoy my Turd Bucket Patina Amtrac.  It’s faster than the nice ones because it doesn’t know any better. 

Submitted by Rolexmd69bmxaloT

  • Race
  • Company: Robinson
  • Model: Amtrac
  • Wheel Size: 20"
  • Toptube length: 21
  • Headtube size: 1"
  • Details 1993 Robinson Amtrac project under construction. Added: 92’ Gt/ Dyno pro bars ‘92 Dyno grips TNT inverted single stamp stem ‘93 Odyssey Pitbull 1 Tech 77 lever ‘92 Gen 1 GT race lace hubs OG USA Sun Levanter 36h hoops Repop Tioga Comp3 tires Repop flight pad and OG Elf bar pad Gt/FSA headset ‘92 ‘91 Selle Turbo race saddle ‘92 NOS Robinson Pro seat post Early OG Profile seat post clamp Sing blue ano chain tensioners guessing 90’s Beater KMC chain with some red extensions