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Roadkill (1992–2013)

Company was started by Jason Wetherhold, R.I.P

Roadkill BMX was founded by Carmen DeNofa, Jason Wetherhold & me, Manny Kivowitz.   I’m not clear in the year but I’d guess ‘92 or ‘93. Carmen’s young son, Chelsea DeNofa (now a 31 y.o. pro drift racer) was racing BMX in Bucks County, PA and Carmen saw a need for cooler # plates than what were around at the time. Jason was working for a company that printed vanity plates for car dealerships and could make them, Rick Marshall (friend and bandmate of Carmen’s) stepped in to do graphic design & create the brand identity and I (high school, community college friend  and Co-worker of Carmen’s) stepped in to help with financing and business advice.

The accessory business was great, expanding into crossbar pads, knee & elbow pads,  etc. but for a million reasons, the expansion into the frame business was a problematic (even though the frames were great) and the losses from the frames eventually took its toll on the rest of the biz.  My favorite  thing to come out of it all were the teams - at first run by Carmen & Jason together and later run exclusively by Jason.

Jason (R.I.P) and I never really knew each other but he certainly had an incredible passion for BMX

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