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1984 Rickman Racing Pro

1984 Rickman Racing Pro

My Rickman Racing Pro, a handcrafted bmx from U.K. Known as brazed frame/fork. It has 531 Reynolds tubing and is very sought for buy British collectors. Just a proud piece of British bmx history.

Frame: Rickman frame

Forks: Rickman forks

Handlebars: Mcs pro handlebars

Plate: Haro Series 1

Headset: Tioga beartrap II & Tioga headlock

Padset: Repro Rickmann Racing (special thanks to Firebird)

Grips: Oakley II

Stem: Pro Neck

Seatpost: unknown chrome laidback

Seat: Kashimax MX

Seatclamp: Dia Compe double bolted

Crank: Takagi 170 - 44t Takagi chainring

BB: Takagi

Pedals: Mks bmx 10 

Chain: Chrome DID

Brake: Dia Compe Mx 1000

Brakelever: Dia compe pre bent

Rims: Araya 7x 20 x 1.75

Hubs: Suntour 

Tyres: Tioga comp III rainbow 20 x 2.125 & 1.75

Submitted by Spartacus

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