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1982 Ricardo MX2

1982 Ricardo MX2

Long Grass find!

I used to race a South Australian made Ricardo way back the early 80's. It was stolen round 84 out the front of an Indoor Cricket centre and I was completely devastated.

The pics are Before & After.. It had been in a long grass paddock for 20 odd years


Its as much a replica of my old race bike as I can remember and done on the cheap, as it was back then. Although when it was stolen it had black tuff II's as I swapped the arayas.

  • New powder frame
  • Original Decal set
  • Polished up original Tange forks
  • Polished Diacompe MX1000
  • Chrome 175 One piece crank
  • Tioga Spider with Takagi chainring
  • Chrome Pro Bars
  • MX Style seat
  • Tuff neck style clamp
  • F1 Style grips
  • SR Stem
  • SR Pedals
  • Araya 7x style wheels


  • Race
  • Company: Ricardo
  • Model: MX2
  • Wheel Size: 20"
  • Headtube size: 1"