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2008 Revell Bikes 24

2008 Revell Bikes 24


Revell is a UK based bike company, that produced BMX stuff for a short while, it seems.

I started lacing a pair of Revell 24" double wall BMX hoops to a set of purple ACS cassette hubs for a Supercross 24" build,
then decided that these wheels would look hot on the black Revell cruiser frame,
thus this bike was born.
From there, the parts & look all just fell into place.
The frame is a cool lookin' 22" tt aluminium cruiser frame, light & unique.
It comes with a built-in tensioner setup, which initally looked like a trick device,
but proved to be a P.O.S. in practice.
I ended up fitting another set of tugs, and they work perfectly after some small mods.
Forks are Bombshell carbon.
The bars are Fly, cranks are Truvativ 180's, the chainring is an Absolute Black.
Never heard of Absolute Black? Check 'em out.
Their chainrings are cnc'd works of art!
Pedals are AEST with Ti spindles.
Kenda Kwest 100psi tires.
Cane Creek brakes, ACS headset, SDG Bel-Air seat, Da Bomb grips, Form 60mm stem.
Yep, this bike is slammed & roomy.

Submitted by version7075

  • Race
  • Company: Revell Bikes
  • Model: 300C 24
  • Wheel Size: 24"
  • Toptube length: 22"
  • Headtube size: 1-1/8"

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