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1995 Ruest Factory 24

1995 Ruest Factory 24

Super rare 24" cruiser from Ruest Factory.

Picked this bike up on the bay, a few years ago.  I had never seen a 24" RF for sale before.  Being a previous 20" RF rider back in my bmx days in the early 90's, I jumped on the opportunity.  This bike came from Tuscon, AZ.

In rider condition, with imperfect paint and decals, gives this rare piece all the character it needs.

F/F:  Ruest Factory
Stem: DK long neck
Bars: Boss cruiser
Cranks: Profile 3pc
Hubs: Crupi high flange
Rims: Sun CR20
Tires: Tioga Comp 3

Submitted by cervelos

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