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1983 Repco X-Gusset Hotfoot

1983 Repco X-Gusset Hotfoot

Just like I had BITD

Here finally after what seems like years is a recreation of my BITD Hotfoot.
All bits are as I had the BITD or pretty close to it.
Powder coated Blaze Blue

Frame decals by Lixy

Frame : 1983 Hotfoot X-Gusset

Forks : Omni
Stem : Sr                                    (thanks Mick)
Grips : Ame Tri
Handlebars : Cw curved copies
Headset : YST
Tyre Front : Kenda Comp 3

Tyre Back : Duro Snakebelly
Cranks : Anlun Aero                   (thanks Fluckaduck)
Chainwheel : Super Duralium    (thanks Fluckaduck)
Bottom Bracket : YST
Pedals : Vp Bear Traps
Chain : YBN
Seat : Velo                                (thanks Detroit Dirt Bikes)
Seat Post : Odyssey layback
Seat Post Clamp : No Name
Back Brake : Lee Chi MX 'Freestyle'
Front Wheel : Araya 7X
Back Wheel : Skyway tuff 2      (thanks Danthrax)
Chaintensioners : Pork Chop

Submitted by Garb

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