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2000 Redline Proline Junior

2000 Redline Proline Junior

The 1st race bike I bought for my son.

This here is a 2000 Redline Proline Junior that had been hanging up in a garage for nearly 20 years before I picked it up off Facebook Marketplace. It has plenty of previous battle wounds from racing back in the day, but that just gives it history and character. I still thought it was a decent score for only $70. Sure, it needed to be wiped down, scrubbed, de-rusted, broken down, re-assembled and tuned up but that’s the fun part, right? I had hopes of this being my son’s 1st REAL racing bike, but after a few test rides, it turns out he’s just a bit too small for it yet... maybe next year? It’s very light, tight, sturdy and purdy. I’ve always owned Mongooses in the past - this was our 1st Redline, and by the way it has turned out, it may not be the last. I hope to see my boy tearing up the track on this beaut soon!

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