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1976 Redline Squareback

1976 Redline Squareback

This 76 Squareback has been a labour of love. 

The previous owner had the frame stripped of existing nickel as it was past polishing. 
He spent 4 months polishing it carefully ready for plating. 
When I bought it from him it looked almost like it was nickel. 
Spoke to the plating company and they recomended polished nickel so 3 coats of copper and 2 nickel were put on it. 
When i picked it up it was wrapped and couldn't see how it looked. 
Unwrapped it and WOW! 
Slowly collected parts for it. 
The motomags were stripped and the front pitted and rear coaster cracked. 
Decided to paint them candy red. 

Parts are..
76 Redline Squareback frame and forks
Screen printed decals by J Dalingwater to original colours.
Nickel deep V Proline bars
Mathews stem
OGK grips NOS
Schwinn headset, bottom bracket, seatclamp, cranks and chainring 
HTI pedals NOS 
76 Elina saddle
Stainless steel seatpost. 
Motomag lls 
Motocross tyres NOS 

Built this and my 77 non gusset Proline in one day for RAD 17, here in the UK. Two builds in one day was fun. Finished at 1am. 

Submitted by Coupes