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1976 Redline Squareback 16

1976 Redline Squareback 16

Hall of Fame racer David Clinton (Rick's Bike Shop, Kawasaki, Dirt Master, DG, Shimano/Diamondback, & Redline) was given this frame and fork from owner Linn Kastan. Being such a fan of Redline's was

1976 Redline Squareback pit bike original finishes.  The frame and fork were previous owned by Hall of Fame racer, David Clinton.  

Frame– Redline nickel 16"
Fork– Redline nickel 16"
Stem– 1975 1st generation Redline double clamp
Bars– Redline deep V bar nickel
Grips– NOS Oakley I's
Headset– NOS Tange
Front Hub– Campagnolo Record 28 hole with all original parts

Rear Hub - Bendix Red band coaster brake
Spokes– Double butted
Nipples– Brass
Rims– Araya 7b's first generation
Front Tire– NOS Cheng Shin 16 x 2.125
Rear Tire– NOS Cheng Shin 16 x 2.125
Chain ring– NOS Takagi with the original price still on it
Chain– Schwinn
Spider– Addicks 1st generation
Spider bolts– Takagi
Cranks– NOS Ashtabula 4.5"
Bottom Bracket– Schwinn
Pedals– NOS Union
Seat– Mesinger padded
Seat post– NOS Laguna solid alloy with original decal
Seat post clamp– Redline prototype didn't make it to production

Dialed-In - Jeff "JT" Tollefson (JTFreestyle Com)

Submitted by JT

  • Pit Bike
  • Company: Redline
  • Model: Squareback 16
  • Wheel Size: 16"
  • Headtube size: 1"
  • Details Rare 1st Generation double clamp stem Rare "Deep" V handlebars Rare Redline seat post clamp Rare Araya 7b 28 hole rims

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