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1998 Redline 380 XL

1998 Redline 380 XL

RL 380 XL

This is a frame I got along with a heap of other parts from a guy who answered a local classified ad I posted in the wanted section. He have since become friends and keep in contact regularly.

Although I prefer the bikes from my childhood era I was interested in restoring this frame due to the longer 21 inch top tube as I though it could be a good bike for me to ride on the track. That later proved to be true.

I really only threw it together out of spare and left over parts and not spending money on this little side project was my aim. Apart from the cost of some powder coating of old parts it didn't cost me much at all. I wanted to give the bike a retro feel hence the styling however on a very tight budget there was a limit to my ability to achieve this however at a quick glace it does give you the impression it is that.
Originally I put Skyway Tuff II's on to get the bike rolling while I laced some spoke wheels from some Mongoose (double wall rear / single front) rims I had laying around & re-powdered in Bright Red. 

Parts: RL 380 XL Frame (Metallic Silver Powdered), Mongoose forks (off a menace), New retro MX lever, Old unknown rear Caliper, V-bar repo Bars, Repo Aero style seat, RL Stem, Joytech Hubs, ODI Grips, Odessey Triple Trap Pedals, cheapo out of scale repo decals.

The bike is great to ride for an above average height and weigh man like myself, a little on the heavier side but not compared to some of the modern freestyle bikes and is solid on the track. This is my track hack and I'm happy with the result all things considered. 

Submitted by FloRida

  • All-Around
  • Company: Redline
  • Model: RL 380
  • Wheel Size: 20"
  • Headtube size: 1"