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2009 Redline MX-20

2009 Redline MX-20

Factory retro decals commemorating Redline's 35th anniversary. Seems the yellow version is fairly obscure.

This started, like many do, as a single part. I made an impulse buy here for some bubble-font, Redline Pro-Line bars. When they arrived, I looked at some of the other extra riff-raff I had lying around and thought...hmmm. Then I spotted the frame/fork for sale here one night. A perfect companion to my 35th anniversary 2009 MX-24 that I just built! Being yellow, I thought I'd just go nuts and have fun with this. I've never had Tuffs before or Vans brake shoes so I added those to the build and away I went.

MX-20 parts pile

Build List
· Frame - MX-20, CroMo front triangle, original paint and decals
· Fork - MX-20, original paint and decals, CroMo steerer tube
· Stem - Redline Hollowpoint, was stock on MX-20
· Headset - stock MX-20
· Handlebar - Redline Pro-Line (bubble-font), CroMo
· Grips - ODI Mushroom
· Seatpost - Redline, stock (was leftover from my MX-24), steel
· Seat - Aero lightning bolt
· Seatpost Clamp - Redline, stock (was leftover from my MX-24), Al
· Brake Caliper - ??, steel
· Brake Pads - Vans
· Rims - Skyway Tuff II 
· Freewheel - 16T ACS Crossfire, CroMo
· Tires - Sunday Current, 20X2.25
· Tubes - Redline LightFlight
· Cranks - Redline Monster, chrome (stock were black), 175 mm, CroMo
· Sprocket - Neptune BMX Helm, 44T, Al
· Bottom Bracket - Redline, sealed
· Chain - SRAM
· Pedals - XLC beartrap
· Tensioners - Redline, Al
· Pad - Aeromax lightning bolt v-bar pad
  • All-Around
  • Company: Redline
  • Model: MX-20
  • Wheel Size: 20"
  • Toptube length: 20.75
  • Headtube size: 1"