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1981 Redline Microline

1981 Redline Microline

My tribute to the 80's and first build for my stable, am stoked with transformation.Check out the broken and welded down pipe and bent back forks pix 3! as found at scrapyard.

Found frame at a local scrap yard and decided to do something about it so rescued it,repaired it, powdercoated then sourced parts from here [thanks 'collector 68'] ebay and Porkchop. Am pretty stoked for first rebuild in 32yrs.

Frame - '81 Microline

Fork -   '81 Redline

Bars -   '84 Proline [storage since '88]

Stem -  Brute

Wheels - Araya7X ( been stored since '81 and repowdered)

Cranks - DiaCompe (Porkchop)

Pedals - MKS

Brakes - MX1000

Pads - repop

Seat - Viscount (Porkchop)