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1980 Redline MX-III

1980 Redline MX-III

Survivor 1980 Redline MX-III

This was my local Craigslist score that my bro "j0eb0xer" helped me score.  The guy I bought it from said he was the original owner and he purchased the bike in Dallas in 1981.  This awesome find was a diamond in the rough and was 90% complete since it was only missing the seat, seatpost, and brake sets.  The tires and grips were falling off due to their age and years in storage.  Great thing about this smooth riding bike is that it's a survivor and my son and I ride it all the time.  After a little research in the 1980 Redline catalog I found that this model was considered a (600) because it came with one piece cranks and solid black tires, and yes the yellow seat was original for this color scheme.  The head tube decal was gone when I got the bike so I used a repop decal to complete the look.  Parts list is below and here is a photobucket link for additional photos 

Frame / Fork :  Redline MX-III

Handlebars : Redline Pro size bars (block stamp) (aquired from j0eb0xer) original bars were micros so I swapped them out.

Stem :  Redline Brute (aquired from j0eb0xer) original stem was aluminum finish but I liked the gold better.

Headset : Tange (original to bike)

Grips : Oury (waffle style) (new purchased off Ebay)

Crank : Sugino one piece (175mm) (original to bike)

Spider : Sugino (original to bike)

Chainwheel:  Sugino (44t) (original to bike)

Chainwheel bolts :  Sugino (original to bike)

Bottom bracket : Tange (original to the bike)

Chain : Izumi (original to bike)

Pedals : KKT rat trap (original to the bike)

Seatpost : fluted alloy (aquired from OldschoolPK)

Seatpost clamp : Suntour (aquired from j0eb0xer)

Seat : Viscount MX (purchased from brandonbig)

Wheel set :  Ukai 20x1.75 with Suntour low flange cassette hub (16t) on rear and Suzue high flange hub on front (original to bike)

Tires : Kenda  20x2.125 front / 20x1.75 rear (new purchased off Ebay)

Tubes : generic 

Brakes : Dia Compe 890 front and rear with old cables I had in the parts bin.

Brake levers : Dia Compe pre-bent (purchased from cowlitzfan and stevenbven)

Brake pads : Dia Compe (3 block style) (purchased one set from floridabmx)

Padset : Redline (purchased new in 1984 with my 600a)

Submitted by Redline69

  • Race
  • Company: Redline
  • Model: MX-III
  • Wheel Size: 20"
  • Toptube length: 18.5
  • Headtube size: 1"

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