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1979 Redline Proline

1979 Redline Proline

Featured on the May 1979 Bicycle Motocross Action magazine cover. Some parts are originals from Dennis Dain!

A huge Redline fan with my first ever 1974 Squareback. Being into Moto-cross (MX) I heard about how Redline was coming out with innovative parts. Well that evolved into BMX and man did they come out with the strongest frame and forks but then produced parts that are synonymous with BMX today.


When I received my May 1979 of Bicycle Motocross Action I was blown away by the cover! Um, they're flyin' over indoor/outdoor carpeted jumps in front of a huge crowd. Had to open it up and see what this was all about? In front of 70,000 Superbowl playoff fans they got to see a NBA exhibition race. The shot Bob Osborn caught shows the concentration and power going into and off this ramp.


Well after 28 years of having that shot stuck in my head I had to do something with my 1979 Proline frame and fork. Realized I had most of the parts except some unique ones. At the Legends of BMX gathering I finally had a chance to talk with The Red Baron. Told him I thought a great bike to build would be his '79 cover shot but didn't know a few parts on his bike. Dennis offered to loan the parts to me to make the bike that much more authentic plus his original jersey!


Thanks so much Dennis and a lot of kids, parents and Vintage guys have enjoyed your bike this season!



Frame - Redline Proline

Fork - Redline Proline

Stem - Redline Proline double clamp

Bars - Redline Proline

Grips - Oakley II's

Plate - Original decals made by Dennis Dain

Brake lever - Dia-Compe

Caliper - Dia-Compe 890

Headset - Tange

Rims - Araya

Front hub - Suntour low flange

Rear hub - Bendix "Redline" coaster brake

Front Tire - Cheng Shin 20 x 2.125

Rear Tire - Cheng Shin 20 x 1.75

Chain - Schwinn

Chain ring - Takagi 44 teeth, Dennis Dain

Cranks - Ashtabula stamped

Bottom Bracket - Schwinn

Pedals - KKT rat traps

Seat - Kashimax, Dennis Dain

Seat post - Redline 1st generation

Seat post clamp - Powerlite, Dennis Dain

Pad set - Redline vinyl

Modifications - Bend Dia-Compe brake lever

Submitted by JT

  • Race
  • Company: Redline
  • Model: Proline
  • Wheel Size: 20"
  • Headtube size: 1"
  • Details Original finish Original plate Original spider Original chainring Original Seat clamp Original Seat

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