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2010 Redline Flight Pro

2010 Redline Flight Pro

Redline Flight Pro with full part list off an intense Podium XL plus some new school Flight Cranks.

 Started out with an Intense Podium complete set up that I scored for a good deal on Craigslist. Brought the bike home and quickly realized that I just couldn't dig the frame angle look.

 Found this Redline Flight Pro frame at the local bike store.

 Anyways I love this bike and it was the first teardown and rebuild I have done since the early 90's. 

 This is basically a Sinz equipped Redline. All Bearings are sealed except headset.

  I really enjoy the look and ride of this new school racer. It weighs around 21-22 lbs and I just may race it next season if Im not too busy working. For now I will just try to keep the crackheads around here from stealing it as I rip around town with my 4 year old riding his big wheel 3 wheeler.