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1984 Redline Carrera II

1984 Redline Carrera II

My first Old School bike

Hi, here's the bike that put me in the thick of (old school) things

I scored it for a mere 90 $ (60 €) 2 and a half years ago (I'll post pics of it)

F&F : RedLine PL20 Carrera II (RD serial)
bars : RedLine forklifter
stem : RedLine Brute
grips : A'ME Round bubble logo
headset : Tange
wheelset : Araya w. Suzue hubs w: Comp III
cranks : Sugino CT175
pedals : Suntour XCII
post : GT stamped
seat : Elina dyied
brakes : DC 901 w. tech IV lever
plate : Zeronine Stadium

It's a survivor : chrome and all but 2 decals are OG

Not the best bike to ride around,

but it was my first one since 1992 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
AND it was Stu's, so..............................................   it can't be bad :-)

thanks for looking