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2006 Redline Proline 24

2006 Redline Proline 24

I raced from '89 - '95 with my Dad as my pit crew...Years later in '06/'07 he comes home with this Cruiser out of no where. It was the last bike he gave me before he passed this year.. :(

Not much to tell, it was a stock Redline red/black PL-24, I powder coated the frame, fork, stem, & bars with a few aftermarket parts:

Frame: Redline PL-24 Cruiser
Forks: Redline 24
Bars: Redline Cruiser
Stem: Redline
Brakes: Sinz
Sprocket: Profile 39t
Cranks: Profile chromoly
Wheels: Stock redline
Tires: Maxxis Holy Roller 24x1.85
Seat: Mankind

Submitted by GHII

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