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1980 Redline Carrera Prototype

1980 Redline Carrera Prototype

Late 1980 Redline PL-20 Carrera Factory Prototype this is my Redline factory supplied frame and fork set to replace my old Proline.

1980 Redline PL-20 Carrera Factory Rider supplied prototype, this is my Redline Factory supplied frame and fork set to replace my old Proline, & It has no serial number supplied for factory riders.

 A brief history just took it down from my moms garage rafters were it had sat since 1985 when I hung up my racing helmet as so to speak of.
I cracked my pinch bolt at a day in a skate park & swapped them out for a pair of Takagi one piece 175's on KKT Rattraps with Sugino spider mated with a PPP Pete's Precision Products sealed bearing bottom bracket i had spare.

 The frame and fork had quite a few powder coat color changes in its life was supplied chrome then went black, red & finally white, the last color change till it was retired. This was the only set  of wheels i kept, stupidly BITD had sold off 5 sets of different color wheel rim and hub combo's as I would change up my colour scheme almost every 2nd week as well as my old 1st Gen Proline complete with 400's with Red Suzie high flange hubs with Red Araya 7B's.

 After receiving it and after the first race meeting I noticed I had bent the original set of forks supplied with the frame, then ran my old proline forks till another set got shipped over, only to bent them, & was shipped out another set and bent them yes we were the Redline R&D Testing facility haha .

 The next set supplied some 5months later is the set on there now,  thicker side walls and a bit heavier, but I threw everything at them including massive 4+ meter airs on wood chip pile jumping, long jump records, skate park sessions in the bowl and fire trails on the weekend for training.

Parts list:

Frame: Redline Factory supplied Carrera PL20 Proto Type (No Serial Number Stamping) currently in white powder coat over original chrome with 600a decals and factory handle bar and top bar pads.

Fork: Redline Factory supplied Custom Carrera fork with thicker side walls and heavier than stock forks that were later supplied to production models. mated to a Sealed bearing headset.

Cranking set up:  Redline Flight 401's Cranks mated to Pete's Precision Products sealed bearing bottom Bracket with Redline Flight 43t chain wheel with Shimano DX pedals (Not pictured above but are getting reconditioned for the rebuild)

Stem & Bars: Redline Brute stem mated to USA-BMX pro Bars (after my flattened out in a vise & extended 1" either side) Redline V bars bent badly, with OAKLEY .5 grips and mushrooms.

Seating: Black Mongoose Kashimax with custom hand polished stock seat clamp on a CW XXLong seat pole clamped with a Shimano caustic soda anodise stripped & polished seat clamp. (And yes I'm tall and would race with the seat up this high)

Braking System: Some random DiaComp mountain bike levers extra long (I ordered while working in the bike shop) with Dia Compe cables and MX1000's originally Black but caustic soda bathed to remove anodizing and polished

Braking Friction: Front Brake pads are stock Mathausers rears are Kool-Stop Tuff pads I Custom treated (eg. soaked in kerosene for 3 days resulted in the best braking mod I came up with) would lock up the wheels with one finger & had a great feel to the touch.

Wheel Set up: Suzie alloy chrome finish low flange sealed bearing hubs with Shimano16t sprocket. I custom built with double butted stainless spokes from a 27" racer wheels cut down to 20" size and re threaded only to just fit standard brass nipples on, mated to Araya 7X's with Knarler Knobbys

Now in 2011:  this is how i retrieved it back out of retirement to be bought back to life again soon some 30years later.

Currently looking for parts list: ( If any one has a spare for my rebuild PLEASE MESSAGE ME Thanks.)
- Brute stem pad (I couldn't find the matching one to this set)
- Seat Redline (era correct)

- left hand side (Non Drive Side 401 crank arm)
- 1x 7B Araya rim I have one left to make a set (lol found them at moms a unlaced nos blue anno and natural silver one)
- Campagnolo track 36h low flange hubs
- Carrera PL NOS decal set

Submitted by ElbowWarrior

  • Race
  • Company: Redline
  • Model: Carrera
  • Wheel Size: 20"
  • Headtube size: 1"
  • Details Redline Factory Rider supplied Proline (prototype) No serial number.

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