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1983 Redline 600a

1983 Redline 600a

Original owner 1983 Redline 600a

Here is my 1983 Redline 600a that was purchased new on 03/24/84.  The F/F and parts decals are all original except for the Redline All Chromoly decals moved to the top tube near the seat mast.  It originally came with Sugino 3pc. cranks that did not survive my racing days and were replaced with Takagi 180X24 one piece cranks.  The Sugino chain wheel bolts are original and I then added the Tuff  Neck power disc, ProNeck 43T chain wheel, Tioga sealed bearing bottom bracket, Hutch bottom bracket lock and Suntour XC-II pedals.  The original Redline bars collapsed on me after I landed a jump over some triples and I replaced them with Powerlite Pros.  I recently added the Redline flight grips but the Oakley donuts have been on the bike since BITD.  The headset is Tange with a DK headset lock and BS Original dirt skirt.  The original Sugino stem was traded back in 1984 for the Redline brute stem on the bike.  The brute stem had one stripped thread and marks near the stem bolt where someone used a hack saw to release their handlebars from the stem.   The stem was repaired when my hero Dad the machinist replaced all of the threads with stainless steel heli-coil threads.  I recently polished the stem but there is still a slight blemish from where the hack saw marks were.  The original Elina UL seat did not survive the racing days either but I still use the seat post with a Viscount aero seat held up by the original DiaCompe MX-II seat post clamp.  The brakes were replaced with DiaCompe MX-1000's with Tech 3 lever, Dia Compe brake pads and Weinmann brake cable.  The wheelset was updated in (2011) with some Sumo (7X style) rims with KT high flange loose bearing hubs, a Dicta 16T freewheel, and Cheng Shen 20x1.75 (Comp III style) tires.  The Tioga lock jaw chain stay locks and Tioga Superlite tubes were added in 1984.  Now the unique feature on this bike is the Proline (101A) forks that I bought at a garage sale in 1984.  My intent was to put these forks on a PL-20 frame my friend had for sale but I was unaware that some jerk off had cut off part of the stem tube making them to short for the PL-20 frame.  Good thing is Redline neglected to weld the stem tube to the forks and my Dad was able to press the tube out and adapt the forks to fit on my 600a.  The forks were then (heli-arc) tac welded in two spots so the chrome did not turn colors.  Oh yeah I still have the original forks.  Hope you like it and here is a site with more photos.

Submitted by Redline69

  • Race
  • Company: Redline
  • Model: 600a
  • Wheel Size: 20"
  • Toptube length: 18.5"
  • Headtube size: 1"

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