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1976 Redline Squareback

1976 Redline Squareback

1976 Redline frame and forks(purchased from original owner in North Dakota !!!). Original nickel finish with repop decals, S E racing bars w/10" rise 29 " wide, sealed bearing red tuff wheels w/16 tooth suntour freewheel, polished tuff neck, 180mm redline double pinch, chromoly cranks w/sealed bearing BB, dia-compe brake and cable clamps, AME grips, bear trap headset, old school seat, addicks 48 tooth chainring w/chrome sugino spyder, nos KKT lightening pedals, Redline big/small tires. This Squareback is once more back at home in sunny California !!! With 50-55 psi in the tires,and 3:1 gearing, this bike flys !!!


Replaced  Tough Wheels with NOS chrome Arayas with FMF hubs, found some Redline proline pedals.


Submitted by 1974BMXr

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