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1976 Redline Squareback

1976 Redline Squareback

My '76 Squareback in "Brilliant Nickel" with Webco Magnesium Mags...

This was a really fun bike to build. As Redline didn't make wheels for the Squareback, I figured a set of 1976 Webco Mags would fit the era. Plus, I'd never seen a Squareback with Webcos before. I had these powder coated in a flat/matte black to go with all the other black components. At 2 pounds and 4 ounces each, they make the build feel much lighter as these older bikes are quite heavy. The original Nickel on the frame and 1st Generation Redline forks was beyond polishing and beginning to flake, so I had them re-plated in "Brilliant Nickel" by the same guy who does plating for Orange County Choppers. I also plated the Schwinn mag sprocket to match the frame and forks. I'm pretty happy with how it turned out and it's a total blast to ride.

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