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2003 Redline Proline Team

2003 Redline Proline Team

Got this frame from LBS... never had a part on it! (SOLD)

There have been a few changes with this build. I am now going with all Redline parts.

The frame was hanging on the wall at my LBS. A REALLY good deal I might add. The frame has never had any part mounted on it at all... no internal scratches or rub marks anywhere. The bars came from a friend that used them for about a season then put them in a tub with a bunch of other parts. They were in pretty good shape.. I only had to touch them up just a little. Got the forks off of ebay for $5. They were in pretty bad shape, I peeled the decals and had them repainted back to their former glory. The decals are beautiful repops by beast44k. Got the stem from zx7rss1. It may take a while but this will definitely be one of my favorites.

Does anyone know anything about this frame? I can't find much info on it. Is it a rare frame or are there just none left? The only thing I see on this site that is close to this is the one Stu is pictured with. Any info would be appreciated.