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1974 Redline Monoshock

1974 Redline Monoshock

The 23rd Redline BMX frame EVER MADE

Saved this one from being nickel plated, it was in a chrome shop ready for a strip and dip. Called the owner and made a deal before it was too late. 

This is a 1974 Redline Monoshock, Serial Number 122, the 23rd Redline ever made as their serial numbers started at 100. This one left the factory on 12/16/1974. The bike was sold at Rick’s Bike Shop.  

Parts List

Frame: 1974 Redline Monoshock

Fork: 1976 Redline

Stem: 1976 1st Gen Redline Double Clamp

Handlebars: Redline Pro-Line “Deep V” Nickel Plated

Grips: Preston Petty Hex

Seat: Person’s Banana Seat

Cranks: 1976 Ashtabula 7.5” Length

Pedals: Union Rat Trap

Sprocket: Wald 36 Tooth

Wheels: Araya 7B 1st Gen

Front Hub: Shimano MX

Rear Hub: Bendix RB2

Tires: Cheng Shin C183

Chain: D.I.D. Black

Headset: Schwinn

Bottom Bracket: Schwinn

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