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1990 Redline 700SL

1990 Redline 700SL

My childhood transportation

This is my 1990 Redline 700sl. It was purchased by my parents as a Christmas gift in 1990 from a BMX Plus magazine for I believe $289.00. A local kid that raced had a redline when I first met him and that was my only reason for wanting one. Before this bike I had multiple department store bikes that I destroyed. That was my bargaining chip to get my parents to spring for this as it was considerably more expensive. I upgraded some parts from my local bike shop(bicycle express) and rode it daily. Around 1994 I installed all my brothers “good” parts from his 1990 s&m mad dog as he moved on to other hobbies. I installed his fred z bars, redline flight cranks, pitbull brakes and the biggest upgrade his sun chinook hard anodized wheels with bullseye hubs. I rode the bike this was for a few more years and moved onto other things myself and the bike sat in storage. In August of 2019 my 4 year old asked about my “rusty old baby bike” in the shed. I got it out with intentions of putting tires on it and riding around our neighborhood with him on his strider. As I started looking for tires I realized there was an entire community devoted to restoring retro bmx bikes. As I got into it my brother decided he too wanted to restore his S&M so all his parts were returned. Unfortunately my original parts had been well, lost or thrown out. Only my seatpost clamp and wheels remained at his house. I purchased some Og forklifter bars, og number plate, NOS flight cranks and sprocket, NOS dia-compe Mx1000 brakes, a pair of 90s redline forks,NOS kashimax, NOS pad set, and other parts I’ll list. Had my original araya 7x rims powdered along with my og suzue hubs and dk stem. Got the wheels laced up and put on some tioga comp 3 redos. This bike brings back so memories for me and a few guys I work with of my age. The number 15 is the year my son was born and I’m hoping one day he loves bmx like I did. Thanks to ace bmx for the cranks and sprocket and pork chop bmx for various parts. I’ll edit the post to thank the members that helped me with some parts. If anyone ever comes across decals for this bike I’d love to get a new set. Thanks for looking. Ive included some pics of its condition pre restore. Please leave some comments on what you think of the restore.

Submitted by Redlinerider1980

  • Race
  • Company: Redline
  • Model: 700SL
  • Wheel Size: 20"
  • Headtube angle: Dont know
  • Seattube angle: Don’t know
  • Toptube length: Don’t know
  • Headtube size: 1"
  • Details Og redline forklifter bars Og plate NOS ame grips NOS dia compe Mx 1000 brakes Sealed aluminum headset Og araya 7x rims powder coated black Og suzue hubs powder coated New red nipples and black spokes New freewheel New chain NOS redline flight cranks NOS sealed bottom bracket NOS redline sprocket Og redline proline seatpost clamp powder coated Og DK stem powder coated SE bear trap pedals powder coated cages Also have NOS triple traps NOS kashimax seat New seat post powder coated NOS tioga competition 3 tires Flite donuts

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