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1989 Redline MX-III

1989 Redline MX-III

1989 Redline with a retro personality

Hi all. 

Here is a bike I've only just completed. It's an '89 Redline with a retro appearance. 
Ok,  so it's not period correct and therefore some will doubtless be offended,  but I like it!
Let's start by saying I really wanted a redline back in the day.  REALLY wanted a redline! I drooled over the ads for these things,  but let's be honest,  they weren't cheap. So instead I cruised around on my '81 supermax, which I was still enormously proud of. 
Anyway,  to this bike.  A dusty and slightly rusty frame caught my eye,  and after a scrub with coke and aluminum foil it came up nicely. 
I decided to build the bike as I would have liked all those years ago, and went with the MXIII look. 
I put a set of cheap black slant-spoke wheels on to see how it looked (thinking I'd put skyways on later), but these actually look ok.   February 2020 update: I've swapped the wheels out for a set of ACS Z-Mags. They make the bike both look and feel lighter. 
....... and not being able to leave well enough alone,  I've now swapped the cranks out for a set of black powdered Shimano 105s (as per the first two photos). I agreed  with feedback suggesting that the colour of the red cranks was a bit different to the other red anodized parts.  Now, if i can just let it be......
I won't go into the shopping list unless anyone has a particular question,  except to say almost everything is reproduction aside from a set of 1980 stamped forks. 
Hope you like it. 

Submitted by Bmxdirector

  • Race
  • Company: Redline
  • Model: MX-III
  • Wheel Size: 20"
  • Headtube size: 1"