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1984 Redline 500a

1984 Redline 500a

Back from the dead

I got this bike new in fall of 84. I raced it for a few years but it then became my paper route bike and everyday cruiser around town. I thought my parents sold it while I was in the Marines in the 90s and that it was long gone. Then one day my dad called on my brother and I to help him clear out a storage shed hes had for about 20 years (since my parents got divorced). After a long day of mostly putting things in a trash dumpster waaaaay in the back I saw her - dusty, rusty, with some parts changed/wrong. It was the one thing from that shed that was worth the 20 years of having it. I brought her home and got to work.

Decals/pads are repros.  I bought a newer RL Dirt dog seat and a repro suntour stem and fluted post from porkchopbmx.  Planetbmx had new tubes, odyssey rim strips, bottom bearings set, new toadstool grips, and repro cheng shin tires.  I trued up the rims as they werent too bad (shock) and replaced/packed the bearings.  New chain and acs freewheel as old ones were seized.  New cable for Dia-compe mx 890.

Frame, fork, crank, v bars, win stem, Ukai rims/hubs, rear dc brake, and vp pedals are all original.  This was my bike that i raced, delivered 1000s of papers on, and spent countless hours cruisin’ my town in.

Submitted by Stackerman

  • Race
  • Company: Redline
  • Model: 500a
  • Wheel Size: 20"
  • Headtube size: 1"

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