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1984 Raleigh Super Tuff Burner

1984 Raleigh Super Tuff Burner

Raleigh Super Tuff Burner in absolutely original condition out of 1984. 100% original condition. Overall, and in particular the gold coating in very good condition.


A short time ago this bike has found his way to me. I was informed by the seller, that he has bought (t)his bike in 1986 in a town called "Rosenheim" (Munich). In fact there is an original sticker on the frame which shows the name "Hans Rupp motor- and bicycles, 8200 Rosenheim, Innstr. 30". The bike was bought for 738,- DM (German Mark).


I think that he has driven it just a short time, and after that the bike was parked inside a dry cellar for a long, long "sleep". This because I know, that the golden coating normally uses direct sunlight (UV-beams) to fade away... There are only two small areas who shows missing coating. These are behind the bottom braket (unfortunately there was a kickstand mounted that has injured the coating) and around the seat tube (unfortunately the seller has twisted an elastic bike lock/chain around the seat tube, and the flexible house of the chain has reacted with the coating over the years). Apart from that the bike shows a really good condition. Even the original grips (Tange) are completely intact without any punching at the free ends because of the "cutting-effect" of the ends of the handlebar during tilting on one side.


The rear brake bridge shows the lettering "FULL CRMO" and the serial number stamped inside the seat tube of the frame is: 4004... (definitely 1984 because of the leading "4"). The bike came up with the original Skyway Tuff II wheels which were mounted back in 1984 (kool caps). Typical for Burners you can find really "fat" weldings between all tubes. But overall this bike looks fantastic!


A really nice contemporary witness of history...

Submitted by oldschool_bmx_freestyler

  • Race
  • Company: Raleigh
  • Model: Super Tuff Burner
  • Wheel Size: 20"
  • Headtube size: 1"
  • Details Super overall condition. 100% original. Has cost 738,- DM (German Mark).

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