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1977 Raleigh Rampar

1977 Raleigh Rampar

My Childhood BMX Bike

Thanks to Glynnyboy and Greg for helping me to aquire this frame and fork.  I've been searching for a blue one like this for many years.  This frame is identical to my childhood BMX race bike, which was given to me by my best friend when I was 14, (he had a red one).  A handful of these Raleigh/Rampars were sold locally here in Colorado.  One red, one blue and one gold ano frame, (at least to my knowledge) and all three that were sold here had a Rampar "R" head-badge riveted onto the front (like the steel frames).  This is unlike any other Raleigh Rampar's that I've seen since, which leads me to believe that this may have been a local thing that the shop did and not a factory thing.  

Like many kids obsessed with BMX, this bike was everything to me.  I'd never owned a good BMX bike before this, we just couldn't afford one. My life seemed to revolve around it and it was nothing for me to ride 30-40 miles on a Saturday. I'd hand wash her twice a week and tear down the headset, axles and BB to replace the grease at least every month.  When I first got the bike, she was blue with many red parts, which I traded with my friends over the next 2 years, to get her all blue (except for the Race Inc. "centerline's" which I spray bombed on my own).  I also remember drilling the rivets off the Rampar head badge and placing a Race Inc. decal on it (I thought Race Inc. was super-cool).  As you can imagine, I was devistated when she was stolen in 1983, the day after I moved to Thornton, CO.  I had no idea of how rare this frame was then, I just thought it was another Race Inc. made frame.  It would take about 30 years to find out why.  Unlike most Race Inc. built frames which were just re-decaled RA-7's, this frame was specifically made for Rampar.  This was a 18 3/8" frame,  a perfect fit between their RA-8 or "Jr." (17") and the RA-7 (20") and  a perfect fit for my 14 y.o. height and 100 lb. weight. 

I am currently building this bike the way mine was BITD and I will add pics when it's all done.  The frame and decals are og and in survivor condition, the parts I use to build it will be as well. I also wanted to save one pic to display this frame the way it was, when purchased by it's original owner.   


UPDATE: Bike is now complete, here is my list of parts, built from memory of 1982. '77 Raleigh Rampar frame Race Inc. "centerline" fork Race Inc. chromoly bars Oakley 3 grips Araya 7X rims Shimano DX LF hubs Kashimax Aero seat Xcaliber clamp Fluted seat post Haro Series One plate Tuf-Neck stem [tiger/square] Flitecamo pads set Takagi MX OPC Takaki spider MKS BMX-7 pedals Sugino 44t sprocket 80's snakebelly tires DC MX 1000 rear cliper DC Tech 2 brake lever Matthauser finned shoes ODI bb dust boot

Submitted by Leviathan

  • Race
  • Company: Raleigh
  • Model: Rampar
  • Wheel Size: 20"
  • Toptube length: 19"
  • Headtube size: 1"

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