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1982 Raleigh Pro Burner

1982 Raleigh Pro Burner

November 1982 Serial - Build to spec from Frames and Forks in 2012-2013

  • Frames and Forks 1982 November.
  • NOS Kashimax Saddle and Guts (Not Raleigh Branded) - via BW
  • NOS OGK Blue Mach Grips - via BW
  • NOS Redline V Bars - via BW
  • Unused BlueTech 2 Levers with '22' clamps.
  • NOS 1983 Blue Dia Compe Cables and Outers
  • Blue MX900 set, stamped 1983, re-annodized (via BW) and re-riveted by me.
  • Used DC Brake Blocks
  • VVGC Blue Araya 7x - via RB
  • NOS Blue Suzue High Flange Hubs (Not Raleigh Branded) - tip via RB (NB: Not a Flip Flop Hub, which were later model of this hub)
  • Unused Blue Suntour Seat Clamp
  • Nagaoka Seat Post (22.2) - Stripped and Re-Annodized (to match Woodys survivor post).
  • 40T Blue (Used VVGC) full-annodised Sugino Sprocket
  • Sugino Spider
  • Sugino 1 piece Crank
  • Blue SR MP-131 Pedals (not pictured in some photos)
  • Suntour Power Stem (VVGC) - via RB
  • Tange MX2 Headset (with Frame and Forks)
  • Blue Rider Comp3 Tyres (I do have the Branded Front Yellow Label unfitted)
  • Suntour 16T cog
  • Silver Izumi Chain NOS (firm now owns the Factor Spec Chain Make)
  • Sugino Chain Ring Bolts
  • DC NOX 80s Cable Ties

Submitted by Lotus-Max

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