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1983 Raleigh Burner

1983 Raleigh Burner

Cheap and honest first time bmx.

After buying a new school bike and buildng two old schoolbikes I found a photo of me on my first bmx whilst clearing out my grandparents old place and thought, 'I've got to build this!'. It's a basic as you like, bottom of the range Raliegh Burner but for the average kid growing up in England, this is what you had. If your parents had money you might have had an Raleigh Burner Aero Pro or similar but no-one I knew had anything like you guys have over the pond! This isn't built entirely to spec but as mine was BITD. Even the cable clip on the top tube is the original one off my Burner (the only bit I had left). I picked up a rusty set of frame, forks, stem and a couple of pairs of wheels and prepped the frame, forks and bars for powdering and restored the wheels and stem myself. It was actually the easiest build I've done but the most rewarding. I managed to pick up some NOS grips and pedals which I was really pleased about as the pedals used to wear out on seconds and I always loved those grips! Now, if only I could find a NOS Cheng Shin 20x1.75 Snakebelly in yellow, that would be a miracle! Hope you like her and please feel free to comment.....SADLY NOW SOLD!

Submitted by renegaderacer

  • All-Around
  • Company: Raleigh
  • Model: Burner
  • Wheel Size: 20"
  • Headtube size: 1"
  • Details * 1983 Mk1 Raleigh Burner chrome frame and forks powdered red and black * Mk1 Burner wheels restored * Mk1 Ultra Burner bars stripped and powdered black * NOS Mk1 Burner grips * Weinmann straight levers re-anodised gold * Mk1 Burner calipers re-anodised gold with NOS Raleigh pads * SR stem restored and cap powdered black * Mk1 Burner headset restored * Mk1 Sugino crank * BB originally of my MRD Badlander, restored * Mk1 chainring with re-powdered cover * YBN gold chain * NOS Mk1 Burner pedals * Mk1 Burner seat post and clamp * Repilca Mk1 Burner seat * Mk1 chain tentioners and rear reflector, restored * Factory authorised replica graphics * NOS red snakebelly and used yellow Cheng Shin snakebelly * All powdering by SuperBikeDan

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