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1980 Raleigh Burner

1980 Raleigh Burner

Found this BMX @ a local yard sale, & planned on making a "Ratrod". Did some research & found out it was a Raleigh.

My very 1st BMX was a mini Raleigh in Red & yellow, with yellow Tuffs, & padset

Another member posted the exact same bike. "1982 Raleigh Mite-Y-Mag 16"

I bought this BMX  with plans on making it a Retro/Ratrod", not knowing anything about this bike.

It was almost fully complete, except the tire were changed to mongooses tires.

I removed the reflectors.

After I found out i t was a Raleigh I decide to try to "recreate" my 1st BMX(looks wise).

Thought this was a BMX of the late 70's(78/79), but found out it was an 80.

I love the looks of this BMX.

It seems this bike was repainted pink/fuchsia, & I found bright orange paint underneath in a few spots.

The decals were painted over on the fork.

I decided to paint it flat black/murder it out.

Changed the seat with my MTN bike since I didn't want to damage the OG "quilted" seat.

I found a pair of yellow Tuff for sale locally & put them on a few days ago.

Also have a matching yellow OG seat that needs to be cleaned.

Haven 't got a chance to take it for a real cruise, just a lil test ride after I put the rims on.

She's ready to ride but I'm thinking of doing a few more things before our local "cruise week".

Got a lot of looks & comments with the wire wheels, wonder what kind of attention I'll get with the Tuffs?

I might change the crank,chain,pedals,sprocket, add front & back brakes, or leave her as is.

Also thinking about painting the fork flat/matte white.

On the look out for a nice set of yellow pads/padset.

If I can't find any locally I'll have some made.

Any comments or criticism is welcomed.

Submitted by Ratrod-BMXeR

  • Freestyle / Flatland
  • Company: Raleigh
  • Model: Burner
  • Wheel Size: 20"
  • Headtube size: 1"

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