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1980 Raleigh Supercross

1980 Raleigh Supercross

**SOLD** I hope the Burner Fans in the UK go scary spice for this bike.

This was a gem Craigslist find in my opinion, the condition was as if it were barely ridden, although there is some light rust and wear on the "superCross" decal. I hope all or most of the parts are original, because I haven't seen one like it other than one other person at the museum whom has the same bike.  The front tire is wider that the rear, and it's coaster break.  This bike is going to be my friends first bmx build for he has caught the old school bmx bug, and I heard the only known remedy is a hit of 1980 Raleigh Supercross to the dome....and I set of white tuff's and possibly white skinwalls, and crash pads to start. 

Apparently this was Raleigh Burner re-marketed to the Canadian audience.  We still don't really know much about this bike's worth so your knowledge is always welcome.

Submitted by Phil-Diddy

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