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1984 Raleigh Mag Burner

1984 Raleigh Mag Burner

1984 MK2 Mag Burner

My first full resto project, now finally complete, took a long time but was a lot of fun to do. The 4th photo shows the bike just how I found it back in June '09, crying out to be rescued! A real Rat looker! It had been badly re-painted in blue and orange spray paint, (gulf motor racing colours) but the bike was complete and rideable, & mostly original spec, the exceptions being the modern Maxiss tyres, Fusion saddle, orange DMR pedals and nasty loose orange Oury copy grips. It had the original Simplex Mag wheels, which are date stamped 1984 & "Made in France", the bearings in these spin forever! Most of the original components were in excellent useable condition.

10.06.09: Scored correct front reflector and bracket and NOS Raliegh stamped saddle from Ebay plus almost un-used set of comp III type gumwalls, but since used these on another build.

13.06.09: Scored a nice pair of Cateye wheel reflectors on Ebay for the mags, will keep one for a spare, you never know!

20.07.09: Scored NOS Tange grips on ebay and found pair of NOS Wellgo resin pedals in the back of a local bike shop, not original spec but still looking for two nice pairs of Sugino Maxy Cross for this and my MK1 Burner. 

22.09.09: Scored NOS Oddyssey chromo seatpost on Ebay to replace the rusty original unbranded post.

11.01.10: Found a mint black SR seatclamp on a Mid-School Diamondback I bought and later sold on minus a few parts. Scored a NOS Raleigh stamped Viscount saddle on ebay, this is from a re-issue MAG Burner but will do for now. Scored a NOS Tange BB and Head Set.

04.03.10: Ordered new repro pad set from Esmedesign. Repro decals ordered from Jon at BMXMAN.COM

11.04.10: Stripped by hand using Nitro-Moors to bare metal, ready for painting (second pic). Brake levers and calipers re-finished in gloss black.

25.04.10: Painted in 90% Gloss RAL white two-pack and new decals fitted, (pic 3) and then partially built up. Set of new fat / skinny comp III gumwalls on order, bike will then be complete as soon as they arrive......

01.05.10: Finally complete, very pleased with the result. Rides like it's a brand new bike & a good looker too. Rides much nicer than my MK1 Burner.


Submitted by Funky-Monk

  • All-Around
  • Company: Raleigh
  • Model: Mag Burner
  • Wheel Size: 20"
  • Headtube size: 1"
  • Details Carbospec 23 steel tubes

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