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1983 Raleigh R2500

1983 Raleigh R2500

nice long frame, no need for a layback seat post, let me know if you know anything about this bike!

I don't have much info on this bike, I bought the frame and fork off Craigslist for $40. I don't really need another bike but this generation Raleigh retain some of the charm of the Raleigh English bikes that were produced in England. That riveted embossed head tube plate. The crest on the seat post. The lettering set in Baskerville Bold. All screams we are from stuffy Britain. Considering all the bikes of the time were all over the place graphic wise these bikes looked pretty awesome and expensive. Hutch used that Western looking font.  Haro used the font Eurostile extended for the 70's futurist look. Shortly after these bikes came out the whole bike logo look became new wave looking. With pain splatters and fluorescent colors. 

I took high resolution photos of the decals and used adobe illustrator to trace them exactly. I printed them on water resistant vinyl paper. The originals were water transfer type that all wore off these bikes pretty easy. I know they were originally printed on clear so please don't tell me that in the comments area. To print on a clear substrate it would have cost me $50 in silk screen set up charges, which I am not willing to pay. I can produce them on a black background for less than $20. 

If someone really wants them on clear and are willing to pay up front I would be happy to get a quote from a printer and have them made, but at this moment no one is willing to pay for that. 

This frame is hi-tensil steel and not the fancy chromoly. The decals said R2500 on the forks but the catalog from that era does not list a R2500 model?
Not sure how to find out. 

Anyway I still need to sort out some brakes for this guy but it is rideable, just not stoppable!

Raleigh R2500 Frame and fork set
Mongoose Handlebars  - Looking to upgrade to red alloy
ACS stem polished
Fluted red seat post
Excalibur Type seat post clamp - Looking to upgrade to red alloy
Chromoly One piece cranks
Mongoose pedals nylon - Looking to upgrade to red alloy
Mongoose steel Sprocket - Looking to upgrade to red alloy
Bell Chain from walmart
Aluminum Rims
Aluminum front hub - Looking to upgrade to red alloy
Rusty steel rear hub. - Looking to upgrade to red alloy
Some weird cycling seat I bought off eBay

Submitted by bartenational

  • Race
  • Company: Raleigh
  • Model: R2500
  • Wheel Size: 20"
  • Headtube size: 1"

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