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1977 Racer's X Super-X

1977 Racer's X Super-X

Californian bike

This frame came from Rick Twomey in California - the story is that he had this frame in his garage for more than 10 years.  Doesn't remember why the frame was painted gold but ended up purchasing it from him.  I had to do a complete frame repair (fill in the drops and smoothed) and didnt have any cracks but had chain rub (filled that in and smoothed) 

Anyways, its awesome buying from Rick Twomey (General manager of Mongoose back in 1977) and his Bmx shop plus his race team - Ricks bike shop. 
Frame has some importance coming from him. 

I dedicated this bike and did it as a catalog build without chain guard/reflectors.  I may add them later.    Everything you see on this bike comes out of the 1977/78 mongoose catalog as a standard part or upgraded part either way.

Took me 5 months to build this.   My son rode it and he says it rode beautifully and very smooth!  Big smile on his face! 

have same pics with different settings. 

Submitted by Z.